How much does it cost to maintain a Volvo?

I am considering buying a 2001 Volvo s40 from a small dealership not associated with Volvo. How much do you think it would cost to get the car serviced and for parts if needed? My parents are considering this as my first car. I would take on the responsibility of maintenance since I’m in college and have a decent job. I’d just like to know before I get myself into something.



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    Volvos are *very* expensive to maintain.

    There are parts only available through the dealership and there are maintenance procedures and repairs that only an authorized Volvo dealer can perform (a lot has to do with the computer diagnostic software which Volvo will not allow independent repair shops to buy). Make sure you know where the local Volvo dealer is if you decide to purchase this car and take it to college. While Volvo’s are very reliable and certainly one of the benchmarks of crash worthiness, I wouldn’t buy one (and I own a ’99 S70 ). There are many other autos out there just as reliable, less costly to repair and can be taken to any competent repair shop (dealer or independent) for service.

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    Sayswho is correct. Especially if you do not know anything about Volvos. I have 4 Volvo’s and a Saab. I like them all, but I do my own maintanance (and repairs, if they need them, which is rare). I have a 240, V90, V70XC and an S80. I can tell you that the newer Volvos have some electrical (computer software upgrade) problems, which I have experienced in my S80 and V70. The older S40’s aren’t that great, but ok. Gone are the days of the hand-me-down 240’s, which were excellent (that’s why I will never sell mine…it just keeps running and running—I love that car!) Unless you have a small stash of money in case you need repairs, I would look for something else. If you want something reliable for college, I would get a Honda Civic. Also look at the Corolla, Accord, Mazda 323….make sure the timing belts are replaced when needed. Hope this helps.

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    you would better start searching for a cheap dealer

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    I spent a little over $8000 on parts and service in 5 years on a 2000 S80T6 I bought for $8500 in 2005. I got $1000 for it on a trade in for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE last November and I was glad to get rid of it!

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