Volvo S70 2000 ETS light on.No power,moving jerkily,how to clean throttle?And if that fails….?

Absolutely no warning.Has full service history and responsibly driven.Whats the best deal for replacement of ETM? Can I do it myself?The nearest Volvo dealership is 300km away!



  1. usmc
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    Check w/ the dealer there is a recall on the electronic throttle – they have to be reprogrammed.

  2. just69camaros2
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    Try to find an Independant Volvo shop they can scan the car the car has to have a download to it and or the throttle needs to be replaced its not extremely cheap but its not super expensive either about 800 on the high side of the price range but the download is around 150-200 to do this My dad has been a Volvo Tech since 1980 and been in business for himself since 1996

  3. matts413
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    You need to take that to the dealership. Its worth your time. A cleaning won’t do much and your ETM is covered for 10 years or 200,000 miles. That is a $1,000 part installed that they cover. Get to the dealer.

  4. K&K
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    call volvo customer service. most etm’s are covered under the volvo class action law suit. they will run your vin and let you know. you can have it towed to the dealer and shipped back to your home at no cost to you as long as the etm is the problem. if notyou will be responsible for the tow and the repair. but it sounds like an etm OR A MASS AIR FLOW.

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